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Nice, but the rewards are not enough.
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Took a look, can't be bothered to do 'em.
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Aion Server Status

WildStar Content Drop: Sabotage

The next WildStar content drop is on the horizon and Carbine is looking to drop bombs–literally. Sabotage is the name of the next content drop, for a pretty good reason, as the update brings in the new PvP Battleground, Daggerstone Pass, that boasts enough explosives and fire power to send your enemies, or your own team, flying over the sunset in a blaze of glory.

Nexus Talk Episode 62: PvP vs PvE Servers

Richie Procopio is back from his tropical island paradise and is ready to bring us another episode of Nexus Talk. This week join Richie as he compares PvE and PvP servers in WildStar and what his experiences have been so far.

Lineage II Expansion to Release This Month

NCSoft has just announced that the next content expansion for Lineage II, Ertheia, will release on July 30, 2014. As previously mentioned, a new race that the expansion is named after—the Ertheia—will join the ranks of Aden's heroes just in time to combat the forces of Shilen as the story further unfolds.

WildStar: Special PTR Focus Test

Right on the heels of its latest update, Carbine has already begun testing its next WildStar content drop on the PTR. As you may already know, this next game update contains the all new PvP Battleground, Daggerstone Pass. In preparation for next month when this patch releases, the team is looking to do a Focus Test of the new Battleground in order to squash as many bugs as possible before it goes live.

WildStar Strain Ultra Drop Officially Releases

The day of The Strain is finally upon us as the first WildStar content update, The Strain Ultra Drop, hit live servers this morning. Players can now jump in and experience all that the Strain Ultra Drop patch has to offer as they dive deeper into the ever-evolving story surrounding Planet Nexus.

Nexus Talk Episode 59

Nexus Talk Episode 59 is here and today Richie Procopio discusses the upcoming changes to WildStar's "Gold Rewards" for Veteran Adventures and Dungeons. Find out his thoughts on the subject–and his preferred pair of pants–in this week's episode!

WildStar: Strain Ultra Drop DevSpeak

June 30th is here and, as promised by the WildStar Strain Ultra Drop Timeline, the latest DevSpeak video is ready to be revealed. Join Carbine's Design Producer, Stephan Frost, as he walks you through the new mysteries, goodies, areas and enemies this update has to offer. If the new zones of "Blighthaven" and "Northern Wastes" aren't enough for you, this first game update comes with plenty of Strain goodies and alien ribcage-bursting action to keep even the most experienced adventurers coming back for more.

Prepare to enter The Strain!