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WildStar April Patch Notes: Highlights

If you're like me and itching for some new WildStar information to sink your teeth into, I may have just the thing to whet your appetite. Starting PAX East week off with a bang, Carbine has released the April WildStar Beta Patch Notes to the public, and there's quite a few interesting bits of information to be seen this time around. While I won't be diving into every individual piece of information scattered across the 71 pages of patch notes, I will hit some of the major highlights players can expect to encounter in this upcoming beta weekend.

Without further delay, let's dive in!

WildStar PvP Livestream Video and Recap

If you missed last weekend's WildStar PvP livestream, have no fear because Carbine has the video prepped and ready to go for your viewing pleasure this week. Join Senior Community Manager, David Bass, Community Manager, Tony Rey and PvP Systems Lead, Jen Gordy, as they spill the details on everything related to WildStar's Battlegrounds and Arenas.

If you take away anything from this video remember to stay out of the red, go for objectives and lead your team to victory–or die trying.

50k Lego Piece WildStar Rocket to be Built at PAX

If you're planning to head to PAX East next week, you may be in for a pretty big surprise coming straight to you from the WildStar universe.

Aion: "Steel Cavalry" Content Expansion

NCSoft has finally released its long-awaited content patch for Aion called Steel Cavalry. By fortune of a technological breakthrough, a new class has stormed into the game called the Aethertech. Piloting large mechanical mounts, these walking metal warriors impose their will at almost any range—and that's just the new class.

Aion: Steel Cavalry to Launch January 29

NCSOFT®, the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), announced today Aion: Steel Cavalry, the latest in its line of free expansions for the game, will become available to players Wednesday, January 29, 2014. Steel Cavalry brings the arrival of the Aethertech class, two exciting instances, skills, balances and overall improvements to the game.
Along with discovering that the cavalry has arrived, with the Aethertech class leading the charge, players will see that the battlefield has extended into The Illuminary Obelisk and Iron Wall Warfront, two new instances to challenge and reward players.
For more information about Aion, visit

Source: Press Release

Nexus Talk Episode 35

Nexus Talk Episode 35 is here! If you still haven't gotten your fill of WildStar's stealthy Stalker class this week, Richie Procopio is here to give you another dose of some Stalker action. Join Richie as he details the Stalker class, recaps Carbine's Stalker class livestream and shows off some of his own live gameplay of this stealthy assassin.

Don't take your eyes off of this WildStar class, or it might be the last thing you see.

Nexus Talk Episode 34

Nexus Talk Episode 34 is live! This week, Richie Procopio takes a look at Accessibility Vs Complexity in the upcoming MMO, WildStar, and how new players might take to the game. He also shares a bit of his own speculation and experiences after being able to run around on Planet Nexus, so stay tuned!